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Live Adult Entertainment Not the End of Humanity!

It’s 2015 and it’s just sex!

That’s our new motto for 2015 we think that modern culture is finally catching up with the fact that adult webcams are not the end of humanity as we know it. 🙂

Welcome to a whole new year here at the official blog for HomeWebcamModels™. If it’s your first visit we are the place to not only learn more about how the world of adult webcams works but this is also our company wide blog.

Our main brand which tens of thousands of people all over the world use each and everyday is HomeWebcamModels™. That encompasses, GayLiveWebcams.TV,,, and We provide three distinct user experiences with our partnerships to power these adult cam sites.  We also work very closely with our partners to ensure we can bring you the best values in adult webcam entertainment.

What sets our adult webcam sites apart from the crowd is a HUGE FOCUS on two words…

1. User: YOU. Each and every user.

2. Experience: Everything that you encounter on our sites.

You the user are ALWAYS our priority. These days live webcam sites for adults are being used by more and more people. Not many of us will talk openly about it or at least not over dinner, but the fact remains that on all continents and from all lifestyles, technology is changing sex millions of people are starting to use adult webcam sites.

We know that the experience every visitor has the last time they visited one of our adult webcam sites will determine if they come back. Each element of our sites form your impression from privacy to safety we take it all seriously; and not just when you come to our site, but each time when you leave as well. 

We take great pride in our STELLAR customer reviews. If you search out reviews on our sites you will find that our adult webcam sites have some of the best reviews online.

When it comes to choosing who we partner with to provide a good user experience every element has to be just right.

EXAMPLES: When you try our adult sites from an iPad or when you stream our sites to your home smart TV set it has to work perfectly each and every time. As a result our adult webcams security and technology partnerships are second to none. They provide the most cutting edge features as well as consistently smooth financial services for the most trusted billing in the adult webcams business.

It’s about YOU! 


Learn more about our flagship site here. It costs NOTHING to join and chat and we mean NOTHING!

Yes, you do have to verify your age with a credit card but that is true of all adult webcams sites and any site with adult content. That is the law and we take that seriously. However, you are charged ZILCH, NADA, NOT EVEN A PENNY to join. After you take 5 minutes to join you get a free lifetime membership to converse back and forth with thousands of models. You can use premium shows or not. That is entirely up to you. Many people never do, they simply chat in open free chat.

Come see what you are missing out on…

Prefer to see a photo diagram of how it works? No sweat. There is no tricks here. It’s simple & easy to understand & even easier to us!

join here

Improvements to ‘Shemale Adult Cams’! (


Shemale Adult Cams is now Totally Free…

CumExploderTs, one of the featured transsexual or shemale live webcam models from
CumExploderTs, one of the featured transsexual or shemale live webcam models from

We are pleased to share some MAJOR improvements which we have just completed at Shemale Adult Cams! Effective today these improvements are now active for you.  Here are the changes:

1. First off the platform now offers you a free lifetime membership and it is entirely pay as you go if you opt for the private or gold shows. If you used our popular shemale live webcam site in the past you will recall that we used to offer a token system that required a minimum purchase! These restrictions are now gone.  While that system worked fine, it became clear over time that our users at the sister site to, preferred this totally free approach.  As a result we made the change to!

2. Free now REALLY means free, as in totally and completely free. It used to be that you would have to buy a small package. Now we have changed our platform at this site to offer 100% free lifetime memberships.

Once you register and confirm your identity and age with any major credit card, you can talk with and watch the shemale live webcams all you like TOTALLY and COMPLETELY Free!

Best of all optional private 1-on-1 show prices are among the lowest online. Of course you can stay in the free shows and never participate in those; the choice is ALWAYS YOURS!

shemale adult webcam affiliate program.


Webmasters: Looking for a GREAT WAY TO MAKE MONEY! Check out our shemale adult webcam affiliate program. Details here.

Completely Free Adult Webcams No Registrations

What you need to know when using live sex webcam sites

Every horny guy out there searches for Completely Free Adult Webcams with No Registration but the fact is that simply does not exist. Let’s explore the reasons why so that perhaps I can illuminate you on the issues and make some solid suggestions. First off yes, we do operate an adult webcams site and we are proud to say that we believe in VERY CLEAR DISCLOSURES and 100% transparency. 

Our platform provider is Streamate. This means that you can either join streamate direct or you can join They are 1 in the same. We want our customers to know that. We believe in making sure you are totally aware of all the different facets of the adult webcam site experience. IT’S ONLY FAIR AND IT’S GOOD BUSINESS. 

That being said, if you are searching out a place to have a safe, private, and secure online adult webcam experience let me try to help you by filling you in on how free adult webcams sites REALLY work and WHAT IS ACTUALLY FREE.

Adult Webcams Sites FAQ

  • Which sites offer free adult webcams?

These illusive, ‘no sign-up’ free adult webcams sites do not exist. Ask yourself this. Why would women get naked on webcam if there was a market for them to make money while also exploring their sexual fantasies? RIGHT?

Sure buried somewhere in cyberspace are a few VERY obscure sites with very, very few models that have totally free adult webcams but the quality of the sites is terrible and the selection is totally, absurdly low. Again, this is merely due to the fact that adult webcams are a service that millions of men, women, and couples pay for. There is also now a HUGE industry consisting of over 3 millions adult webcam performers around the world all of whom consider themselves to be professional webcam performers.

So yes, while it would be nice if it were free, the fact is you will have to settle for getting a good deal or a solid value over free. We can help with that as well but let me first address some of the other most common questions we get.

  • Why do I have to register?

There are two reasons you have to register.

REASON #1 YOU HAVE TO REGISTER FOR ADULT WEBCAMS: Adult webcam sites, the best ones that is will give you free full access to all the models and let you actually talk back and forth without any membership fees, or any costs at all unless it is a private 1-on-1 cam live webcam show. All that again, the respected and good adult webcam sites should require is that you give them a chance at earning some money by providing a good value for the entertainment that you get. That means that you leave a card on file, again just in case you do opt for the private shows. Once most people join and see that there are hundreds of models on the top adult webcam sites that charge less than two dollars per minute they do in fact opt for these shows. The concern I think most people have is that they are going to be charged some undisclosed fee. This is why you need to choose an adult webcams site carefully and only use those that are widely used and are well respected.

Again, the best adult webcam sites do NOT charge you anything for a membership or to talk with the thousands of performers. These days the consumer expectation is that you have full access to the site and that all costs are VERY CLEAR and EASY TO UNDERSTAND. We take great pride in doing both of these things and overall just making sure that our users are always happy. If we didn’t go the extra mile to ensure this, our users wouldn’t keep coming back or sharing with their friends.


Adult webcams sites have to ensure that you are over 18 years of age and that you are who you say you are. If security if your concern, read this. The fact, by merely choosing from the most respected adult webcams sites can save you yourself lots of headache and hassle and ensure you have found a fun place for adult entertainment. Most people discover that once they overcome their own fear and register that they love the simplicity and convenience of adult webcam sites that keep a card of file. In the world of adult webcams there are two ways these business make money.

Some adult webcam sites keep a card on file and then simple charge your card discreetly for an adult webcam show when and only when you go into private chat. Each model has a price marked that they individually set and you have to agree to that cost before you enter the show. This makes it all simple and easy for everyone to make sure they are on the same page and totally agree. Adult webcam sites that operate on the pay as you go system like this, than simply round that time to the nearest second and then merely deduct the show costs from the card on file. This is the preferred method to pay for shows.

It’s also the SMART WAY! The reasons why are self-explanatory, it is because people usually dislike having to buy large packages or prepay for a service they will use at a later date.

If you think about that it never makes sense to prepay for anything. Likewise, you may only want a 5 minute show with a model that charges .99 cents a minute. In that case you total cost is just 5 bucks. That it!

Therefore, on a prepay system you avoid having to commit to large purchases that usually start out or $25.00-$50.00. You also avoid the trap of virtual currencies this way. Hands down, the system of pay-as-you go, the systems that sites like uses are always the best for the consumer.

Free adult webcams do not exist, but solid values do.
Free adult webcams do not exist, but solid values do.
  • How much do adult webcams cost?

Our platform has more than 45,000 models from all corners of the earth but other sites have anywhere from 10 or 15 models to some that have as many or more than our site. It all depends as far as what they cost. The range is from less than 1 dollar per minute to 15+ dollars per minute. As a general rule you should be able to find an adult webcams site with a good selection of models and on that site the majority of the models should average out at around $3.00 per minute. If you are paying more than this amount per minute, on average than you should start to shop and compare other adult webcams sites

  • Are adult webcams safe?

The liability for adult webcams sites is CONSIDERABLE. Therefore, adult webcams sites have had to mature to the point that these days they are very safe. Learn more about the safety of our leading site here.

That’s a wrap folks! Those are the 4 big questions we routinely get from our customers — before they become long-term loyal fans of, that is.

You can hop over to the HOW TO PAGE and learn more specifics and even see exactly what the user experience in like by clicking here or peruse some of the top webcams models here.

Safe and private adult webcam shows with the hottest webcam models on the internet:
Safe and private adult webcam shows with the hottest webcam models on the internet:, Featured models name is BarbWire

Have fun camming!

How To Promote Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs.

Adult Webcam Affiliate Marketing Tips

In this post we are going to be discussion adult webcam affiliate programs as far as the best ways to drive more traffic and become a more effective affiliate marketer.

Think about all the people in these 50 states who have yet to register for adult webcams!
Think about all the people in these 50 states who have yet to register for adult webcams!

Specifically, today we are sharing the SECRET SAUCE as far as the ways of getting more people signed up for live webcam affiliate programs.

(First of all use if just want to watch cams and could care less about marketing :-), then use this link. That is where you will find free adult webcam shows. For Models looking at places to do internet modeling you will want to visit this linkAlso our own affiliate program for adult webcams is at this link.) 

Adult Webcam Organic Search Marketing

With over 30,000 live adult webcams sites online, most of which are partner or clone site often called ‘white label adult webcam sites’ the days of getting a virtual gift of free traffic from search engines are long, long over. Just this past month Google tweaked their search algorithm affecting both dating site and live webcam sites on white label programs and the slow trickle that was there pre-summer 2014 is now basically obliterated. That being said, let me now narrow this discussion. There are two camps in affiliate marketing, one camp is advertisers or ppc marketers and the other camp is for organic search marketers. Typically the search marketers have the ability to create content that is ACTUALLY READABLE, ENGAGING, and MAKES SENSE; hence it gets some search love. On the other hand the ppc experts tend to have less of the creative minds and associated skills sets as far as content creation. They are less able to focus on what consumers naturally look for and so they in turn buy their business.

Buying your business – Be Careful!

In every profession there is the age-old phrase, ‘buying your business’. This cliché simply means that you focus in volume and you simply factor in the costs to reach a level by which you make a profit after buying advertising. Those in the ppc affiliate marketer camp face a serious dilemma, regardless their affiliate marketing niche as once enough affiliate marketers enter their space the opportunity to make money as an affiliate is gone; what is left is left is a more efficient market, economics 101. This is result because the profit disappears as the ppc advertising costs rise to meet the pre-existing inefficiency in that particular market. This is just a matter of time in any niche; once the profits get smaller and smaller more people drop out and just a few high volume, very capable professionals are left standing to compete. In other cases the price per click gets so high that only new, ‘suckers’and ‘newbies’ buy these advertising search words because the professionals already know that advertising buys using these terms which have jacked up prices simply do not pencil. The true professionals are then left to scrap for smaller collections of traffic, before ultimately; they end up switching niches. (Wow, that was a mouthful.) Anyway, this is why those of you who think creatively have a longer life span and can make more money if you follow some basic affiliate marketing rules in the adult webcams space using organic search.

With that being said, as far as organic search marketing for adult webcams there are a few new ‘rules’ smart marketers are following. By using the word, ‘smart’ I mean affiliate marketers that are making a REAL living promoting adult webcams.

Rule #1. You won’t get hardly any sustainable organic traffic flow from a brand new white label site unless you first invest about $100,000 in marketing and have a few years of mature links coming into the site. It just won’t happen. (In other words, don’t waste your time. You will only be losing out on the REAL money-making activities at the prime time to promote adult webcams; when the largest volume of people are registering.)  Instead choose to get behind a brand name like; one that that focuses on brand building activities! By joining 3 adult webcam affiliate programs like ours; ones that have a clear concise brands which convey and communicate trust you can compare how each programs performs for you. There are IMO about 3 good adult webcam site brands to choose from among site that convert well and offer a good overall user experience. Naturally we think our brand is the best because it’s what people NATURALLY want to type….Home Webcam Models but there are a few other parent platform affiliate programs like Streamate and Flirt4Free that are worth promoting as well.)

Rule #2 – Create REAL ENGAGING CONTENT and find NATURAL traffic flows. (Stop putting spun content online—you should know better by now!) There are endless ideas still in the adult webcams niche to funnel traffic of small 2.0 sites and web-based communities as well – spend more time on these activities as well.

Let’s reviews what I have suggested…

Tips for generating a sustainable income stream promoting live webcam affiliate programs should include focusing on these two things.

1. Choosing a brand you can ride out the long-term growth with.

2. Choosing the rev share or the price per lead based on your strategy and where the market maturity is within the niche or industry you are promoting. EXAMPLE: Getting lots of people registered on an adult webcam affiliate program that pays you $50.00 per sign up is fine but getting as many people signed up on a 25% lifetime revenue share will make you 10X the money if you promote a brand that is positioned to be a long-term market leads. Likewise payment per lead can in other cases be the way to go!

BOTTOM LINE: THINK ABOUT LONGEVITY first as this is worth its weight in gold in the world of affiliate marketing!

Start Promoting the Most Trusted Adult Webcam Site Today.

Join The Adult Webcams Affiliate Program

Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of how to promote adult webcam sites on our blog, which is located here.

Start Promoting the Most Trusted Adult Webcam Site Today!